The Gift of Mobility

GB_wheelchairAccording to the World Health Organization, approximately 10 percent of the total world population is disabled. Thus it is presumed that at least 10 percent of Nepal’s population suffers from disability.

Various surveys have been conducted in Nepal to find out the prevalence and causes of disability, socio-economic status, education and employment of disabled persons. In accordance with a latest study conducted by New Era’s 70.1 percent of the persons with disabilities have stigma and difficulties to live in the community with self-respect.

There are many organizations and individual who want to donate or sponsor wheelchairs, tricycle,   electric wheelchairs/ powerchairs (used or new) to Nepal’s   people with Disabilty . You can also gift other accessibly equipment’s.


For the People with Spinal Cord Injured (PSCI) by disease or accidents, a wheelchair can be a life-changing gift. Spinal Cord Injury is very different kind of Disability. A Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) is damage or trauma to the spinal cord that results in a loss or impaired function causing reduced mobility or feeling. Common causes of damage are trauma or disease. The spinal cord does not have to be severed in order for there to be functional loss. In most people with SCI, the spinal cord is intact, but the cellular damage to it results in loss of functioning. Injury to the spinal column is a most grievous kind of bodily damage. They can’t move without wheelchair. There is no option, without wheelchairs. According to a latest estimates, there are more than 20, 000 Spinal Cord injured peoples in Nepal.

Nepal is known around the world for its mountains, but its ‘vertical’ landscape is responsible for a disproportionate number of head and spinal injuries. Porters tend to slip off precipitous trails, and women and children, in particular, are prone to falling while collecting tree fodder or following livestock on cliffs. Now, with the recent spread of the road network, and the poor construction and maintenance of vehicles, the country is seeing a sharp increase in spinal trauma from traffic accidents. Victims of accidents affecting the spine here in Nepal have had to struggle and suffer like few places elsewhere.

It affects the use of limbs and other organs through paralysis, and drastically reduces the quality of life of the victims, who would have been fully capable and productive individuals till the time of injury. Spinal trauma tends to leave the victims and their families in hardship and despair. The poorer the family the greater the challenge in responding to the additional burden of a member who is suddenly and totally dependent.

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